Top Things to do in Sharjah

When you are travelling in the gorgeous land of Sharjah, things to do and places to be will certainly be many. Read the article below and find out about the best things to do which will guarantee a truly unforgettable holiday experience here.

Visit Arabian Wildlife Centre

This enchanting attraction is ideal for those who love rare animals. It attracts large numbers of travelling families too. You will be able to witness the beauty of threatened species of wildlife in the region here. The wildlife centre has three different sections, namely, warm blooded animals, bugs and reptiles, for you to explore. Indeed some animals will delight you more than the others. Not many who have the heebie-jeebies enjoy visiting the sections for bugs and reptiles for sure! But the children benefit greatly from yet another section in the park that allows them to touch and pet animals such as camels and goats. It is a great way to give them some great infotainment during your tour!

Visit Sharjah Maritime Museum

For those who love to gaze at the majestic beauty of vessels and traditional dhows, the Sharjah Maritime Museum is ideal! It has a stunning collection of exhibits as well as fishing equipment which greatly interest young ones.

Relax and unwind

Many affluent people call this place home, so you will be able to enjoy a variety of stunning appeals while staying here. Do consider staying at a leading luxury five star hotel UAE has in order to enjoy a stunning holiday experience. Pamper yourself with world class service and unwind at a luxurious spa. Enjoy relaxation divine while creating enchanting memories in this sensational destination!

Visit the Sharjah Aquarium

Walk amidst beautiful fish and create memories that will last a lifetime at the iconic Sharjah Aquarium. The place houses close to 250 species of marine animals. You will be able to gaze at their amazing beauty as you casually stroll in glass tubes that are surrounded by water. One of the tubes here even reaches the ocean! The experience is truly breathtaking and is one that should not be missed.

Embark on an epic culinary adventure

Let the kaleidoscope of flavors here add perfect delight to your holiday experience. Sample the finest delicacies of the land and treat your taste buds to unique surprises. Places like Marasea, Bukhara, Seascape Restaurant and Al Mahara Restaurant are immensely popular among those who are looking for a stylish fine dining experience. If something a little more casual and relaxed is what you prefer, consider dining at restaurants like Aroos Damascus Restaurant, Gusti and Arjwan.

Sharjah truly has the power to delight all who visit it, so do take time to explore its rich facets!

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