How To Plan An Unforgettable Hen’s Party

We all love going out with our girls on a Friday night. Therefore you can consider your hen night to be an epic night out. Thus, that is why you need to make sure this night is unforgettable. But many women think that this night is pretty straightforward. That is because a hen’s night normally consists of going to a bar or club. But it still possible to make a mess of this event if you don’t plan it properly. Thus, that is why you need to have a specific set of steps to follow to make this an epic night.

Create a Guest List

A bachelorette party Singapore can end up becoming a nightmare if you don’t have a guest list. That is because inviting people is normally the maid of honour’s job. But you cannot expect her to know everyone you want to invite. Thus, this is when you end up having unwanted relatives at this event. Therefore in order to avoid such an occurrence, you need to create a guest list beforehand. We are not telling you to invite these people. Instead, you can have the maid of honour do this job. But you need to create the list. That is because you are the only one who knows who you want at this event.

Select a Date

We know in movies that brides normally have their hen night the day before the big day. But this is never a good idea. That is because you never want to be hungover on your wedding day. This would end up becoming a disaster. Thus, that is why you need to make sure that this event is held a couple of weeks before the big day. Ideally, we would advise you to select a weekend. That is because this way everyone would have time to recover before they have to go back to work. Furthermore, remember that this is not something that you can plan at the last minute. That is because the guests would need the notice to clear their schedules. Therefore pick the date ahead of time and announce it to all the guests.

Have a Budget

Some brides tend to pay for their own party. But others expect the maid of honour to pay for everything. However, even in this instance, the maid of honour may split the cost with the other bridesmaids. Therefore before you begin planning make sure to create a budget. That is because otherwise before you know it you would have ended up spending a fortune.

Thus, with the help of these tips, you can easily plan an epic night out.


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