Fine dining from the comfort of home

My husband and I have been trying for a baby for so long and just week ago we brought our bundle of joy home. His adoption papers just came through and it’s my anniversary this week too and I want to do something special for my husband who has been nothing but wonderful since. Any suggestions?

Congratulations on the addition to your family! I’m sure you got your hands full at the moment. Enjoy this time where he is not sneaking off to meet his friends or stomping door because you will not let him stay up late. There is a roller coaster ride of experience that is yet to come and the sleepless nights you are going through won’t seem so bad. But nevertheless they are all memories I cherish.

In many circumstances it is not the venue nor the menu that counts but the thoughtfulness that goes in to organizing and executing a special day/experience for your loved one. With a baby that just got here I’m sure neither one of you want to be away from the bundle of joy for long .so my suggestion is if you can’t go in for a party, bring the party to you. Organize an intimate dinner by the fire place or your balcony just outside the room so you can have that much needed alone time that I’m sure you have been craving since the baby. Our son or daughter is a pronounced validation of your love and commitment to your husband and his or her arrival should only bring you closer as you experience the seas of love and joy they bring in to your life but little time for each other to see how each of you are hanging in there is also essential to keep the home fires burning in the romance department.

While juggling the new baby and the routine work that is inevitable in a house hold you will barely have enough time to whip up even the smallest meal. The whole point of the exercise is for you to be able to relax therefore t is absurd if you have to stress your self-having to figure out what to serve.

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